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The’s Windows Employee Monitoring software remains as a stupendous system for Windows Os machines in getting details on the Employee worklog. For Organizations that have employees with Windows machines, the’s Windows Employee Monitoring software is a very highly beneficial system in tracking the employee activity and getting results of billable hours for the specific project the employee work.

The Windows Employee Monitoring tool guides the managers and administrators of Organization to keep tracking and perform auditing of the performance. This tool renders various options including screenshot capturing in random time basis which helps in getting a point of proof when there is lag in employee performance.

The Windows Employee Monitoring software acts as a best platform in getting log details and managing the deliverables by getting perfect estimation and also enabling performance estimation by means of considering the screenshot and activity log.

More than anything, we have options to see the log in form of easily understandable charts. The artificial intelligence technology takes us to the world of secured data capturing. It also has the ability to be used as a proof of point for any HR or disciplinary activities. This also provides many more intellectual features to enhance the performance.

Now you can maintain a record of every employee activity, get notified and documented about any unwanted activity, protect any sensitive data, detect insider threats, ensure network security, gain more business insights about company transparency, understand individual productive workflow, and other interesting benefits of the Windows Employee Monitoring software with The Hub. So, request a demo now.