Realtime Digital Librarian



Organised Digital Library

SparkElf provides an easy to access portal for companies, to enable consumption of information by their staff or clients.

Customised Interface

This simple digital interface provides an option for the staff or the clients to choose the news feeds they like and receive them as per their schedule.

Effective Management

The bookshelf interface offers an easy way for the communication department in companies to manage information streams individually for all users.

Personalised Platform

You can easily personalise the platform with colours, fonts and backgrounds you like.

Customised Email Templates

Provide users with brandable email templates.

Easily Manage Feeds

The interface allows you to work with internal and external feeds easily.


Management options

You can choose whether you wish to manage some or all users.



We provide a one-stop shop to view various internal and external corporate feeds in the form of a digital magazine shelf. It also empowers the users to have the option to view feeds as they like, be it individually or as a group and at a time convenient for them.


We take in XML/RSS feeds, API/Json and other forms of inputs like internal feeds, curated content or even scraped data to provide a managed service, where you can receive alerts on the news feeds selected.