Media Monitoring System

The media monitoring remains as a perfect platform for getting the data grabbed from social media networks and providing artificial intelligence based analysis on the feeds collected. This media monitoring product aggregates data from different data sources and generates data analytics and semantics for created objectives.

Providing the charts that are visually appealing and easily understandable makes the user of the media monitoring software to explore towards sentimental analysis. The most important features include monitoring of sites and conversion into structured data. Live tracking of social media influencers tends way to get in track of the analysis based on artificial intelligence.

Neural Net based classification of employee behaviour gives hand in making the work of managers and administrators predict things. Multiple document warehouses with variable strengths (MongoDB, Elastic Search, Neo4J) are used in the entire system to predict and analyze the forthcoming results.

With algorithmic and neural network analysis at its core, media monitoring is not just a drag and drop or plug and play platform for the mass market but a rapid development base for targeted bespoke Insights and alerts. It also includes custom dictionary based tagging and connected entity list based analysis that lets the user analyze and display in various formats of charts.

With our monitoring app, you can track what’s being said about your brand and relevant conversations around the web. Engaging with your audiences can help you to create a strong & healthy brand image

Being a media monitoring app, we aim to educate our audience in terms of listening over a broad arena of channels for your brand mentions, analyzing the sentimental overview of such mentions, and then gathering various snapshots of those brand mentions to follow the trends. These insights can further be used to strategize and spur positive sentiments around your brand, getting rid of all the negativity. Get in touch with us now.