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At The Hub Consultancy we offer Artificial Intelligence Monitoring Services for the Enterprise and Government. Our practical approach combines proprietary software platforms, specialized services, and a full suite of training and support solutions.


We provide critical monitoring and security services to the enterprise and government clients.We understand the monitoring space. We walk alongside our clients on a daily basis tackling the challenges they face trying to protect their most vital data and network assets.

The Hub’s mission is to is to help our clients viusalize and understand complex data. Our team of AI experts, coupled with our advanced platform of correlated solutions, makesThe Hub the choice for organizations eager to make progress in taking back control of their diverse data requirements.


Build an API in seconds with the hub to power alerts, apps, models and visualizations with live data without writing any code


The hub smart extractor recognizes patterns in web content allowing you get the data you want quickly and visually


We host your APIs and data in the cloud andrun them on the schedule that’s right for you


We serve cached data even if the source URL is down or the extractor fails


App builder lets you create responsive web apps on top of your APIs without writing any code

Combine your data feeds

Create individual tiles for your diverse feeds of data into one single app, including internal and external information with alerts and push notifications


App builder lets you create responsive web apps on top of your APIs without writing any code

Cyber Monitoring Services

The Hub are a preferred channel partner for Nehemiah Security LLC offering complex tailored security integrations

Adaptive Endpoints

Beyond standard signature checking we use heuristics to find zero day vulnerabilities and custom attacks.

Intelligent Orchestration

Control the flow of events and operations in realtime, with auditing and full accountability.

Advanced Analytics

Correlate diverse vectors to see patterns and connected incidents that might otherwise be missed.

Monitoring & Visualization

Digest large amounts of data with intuitive visualizations that update in real-time with drill-down and diverse perspective.

Employee Monitoring

Utizing Neural Networks, monitor employee activity from a wholly subjective view point. AI Classify users by department related activity and hours worked. Anomaly detection of users who do not fit the expected classification.

Complete Control of Data Flows

Tie all you systems together with our secured service bus technology.

Patented Technology

From remediation to attack surface discovery and stealth placements our labs have the sharpest minds in the industry with proprietary patented technology.

Secured Mobile Integration

Stay fully informed whenever and wherever you might be.

Advanced Alert Configuration

False positives cost resource and undermine confidence. The Hub next generation filters refine the alert stream without compromising quality.


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Thank you for your interest in The Hub Monitoring. If you would like to learn more about our solutions, or if you would like to speak with a representative please fill out the contact form below. We look forward to connecting with you soon.