• Powering RegTech

    Get notified about compliance and regulatory changes with our comprehensive database monitored by Artificial Intelligence.


Information extracted from regulatory websites and monitored on a daily basis. Data delivered via alerts and APIs.


Customisable user interface powered by Regsbase for data segmentation, advanced tagging and custom email alerts.

Regulatory Mobile Apps

Our regulatory apps deliver Regsbase data streams to your mobile devices along with bookmarking capabilities and push notifications.

To meet today's challenges, we've created an AI powered, customised approach to RegTech.

We keep track of the regulatory laws of multiple countries / domains using Artificial Intelligence and gather information regarding compliance. Our system tracks regulatory changes on a daily basis and keeps your organisation updated, saving you time and money.

Intuitive AI

Automation at its finest, we have designed our AI system to watch and notify changes to regulatory websites.

Email Alerts

Fully configurable email alerts that deliver weekly, daily and even hourly alerts.

Push Notifications

Stay on top of your data by getting notified through our regulatory mobile applications.


Monitoring regulatory laws and compliance changes 24/7/365


Deck based user interface powered by RegsBase

Regulatory Mobile Apps

Stay on top of your data, even on the move.

Combining the power of Artificial Intelligence and vector tagging, we have created a complete regulations monitoring tool to empower your organisation. Request a demo today.

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